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Fractionated laser (FX): ACTIVEFX™, DEEPFX™ And TOTALFX™ By LUMENIS®

It’s no secret that as we grow older, time takes its toll. Suddenly you start noticing fine lines, wrinkles and sagging, all of which can make you look tired, sad and older than you feel on the inside. While aging brings wisdom, there is no reason to look older than you feel. you want to face the world with a confident, refreshed and youthful look. In the past, the role of sun exposure in aging was underestimated. The old sunscreens only protected against the burning rays (UVB), letting the aging/cancer rays cause premature wrinkles, poor texture and tone dyschromia (redness, brown and white spots).

Using laser technology, Dr. Cockerham can reverse the effects of sun damage and provide you with a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Performing Facial Lasers Since 1990

The Co2 laser has been the “gold standard” for facial resurfacing for nearly two decades. unlike other lasers, this technology works on everyone, typically with one treatment. Dr. Cockerham has two decades of experience facilitating facial rejuvenation for women and men with sun-damaged skin using Co2 lasers. She has been selected as a Center of Excellence by Lumenis to teach other physicians the most advanced techniques.

Laser Resurfacing Can Address:

Wrinkles, jowls and descent

  • Fine and deeper lines
  • Acne and other scars
  • Sun spots and melasma
  • Sun damage
  • Skin discoloration
  • Poor tone and texture

Effective Laser Resurfacing Requires Skin Fitness

you wouldn’t expect your teeth to remain white after teeth whitening if you didn’t brush them twice daily with an effective toothpaste. your face needs that same daily attention to remain refreshed and rejuvenated. Topical medical-grade products (SKIN FITNESS) and lifelong protection of the skin from the aging and cancer (UVA) sun rays are crucial to maintaining your refreshed look.

Dr. Cockerham will create a personalized skin regimen for you before, during and after your treatment. The laser can be used to resurface your face, eyelids or other areas where skin texture and tone are a problem. A combination of oral and topical anesthetics and cooling devices will be used to make you comfortable during your laser treatment. one treatment is typically all you will need. The effect will last as long as you maintain your daily skin fitness.

To learn more about laser resurfacing or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Cockerham, call today.

Contents: White vinegar, distilled water, Aquaphor, Cetaphil, Jan Marini transformation serum, Skin Ceuticals Epidermal Cream and physical block, Color Science micro block, Benedryl and a Vicodin for before the procedure.

Indication for Active Fx

  • Fine line and wrinkles
  • Ruddy texture due to large pores
  • Brown spots or white spots due to sun exposure, hormonal fluctuations such as pregnancy.

Note: Active FX is not good for Rosacea or broken capillaries, See IPL laser discussion.

For significant brown spots that are noted at many layers in your Visia Skin Analysis; pre-treatment with IPL is indicated to improve the effectiveness of the active FX.

Typical Areas to treat: around eyes, full face and, neck/chest but arms, legs and backs can also be treated.

Typical Social Downtime

Redness like a bad sunburn for at least 3 days followed by spotty brown appearance for at least 3 days. The higher the thermal settings, the more long-term effect but also the longer the social downtime.

Unlike the IPL and Fraxel one treatment usually achieves the desired effect. If it is repeated, the duration between treatments should be six months as the effect continues for that duration as the elasticity (collagen) under the skin continues to improve.

Five Days After Bilateral Upper Lip Blepharoplasty and Full Face Laser Resurfacing

active fx

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