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Facial Rejuvenation and Reconstruction Case Study 1

Clinical History

The eyes were constantly tearing because the upper eyelids and lashes were irritating the eyes. Medical insurance paid for removal of the excess upper eyelid skin and an internal brow lift. “Wow, I can see".

Upper Eyelids Brow Lift Lodi

Facial Rejuvenation and Reconstruction Case Study 2

Clinical History

This 35 year-old woman is a non-smoker but had progressive lip lines and deflation. Other risk factors include drinking from a bottle or straw and pursing of the lips when nervous or concentrating. “Water bottle” lips are the most common-water is good for us but pour your water into a wider cup opening. One syringe of Restylane dramatically improved her look. She loves the natural enhancement.

Lip Rejuvenation with Restylane Lodi

Facial Rejuvenation and Reconstruction Case Study 3

Clinical History

This vibrant woman has a combination problem: she has excess skin on the left upper eyelid and drooping due to a weak muscle on the right eye. The eyelid muscle was strengthened by doing a tuck from the back surface of the eyelid on the right. The left upper eyelid skin was excised. The eyelids were causing visual dysfunction so these procedures were covered by medical insurance. She loves her new look and improved vision; now she looks as good as she feels.

Upper Eyelid Lift Lodi

Facial Rejuvenation and Reconstruction Case Study 4

Clinical History

A frustrated young woman presented with droopy eyelids; she had undergone two prior surgeries. Weakness of the muscle in the upper lid can occur with contact lens use, eye rubbing, allergies, trauma or even be present at birth. Medical insurance will pay for this surgical repair because the vision is blocked. She was very happy with her post-op appearance and ability to see. Post-operatively, she is wearing an eyelid mask at bedtime from EyeEco.com so the she doesn’t rub her eyes at night and make the drooping doesn’t come back.

Blepharoplasty Expert Lodi

Facial Rejuvenation and Reconstruction Case Study 5

Clinical History

The left eye has been drifting out for many years resulting in visual strain and double vision. Muscle surgery was performed on the left to restore alignment. The patient was very happy with her results and returned for follow up with a new haircut, makeup and a new sense of self.

Double Vision Surgery Lodi

Facial Rejuvenation and Reconstruction Case Study 6

Clinical History

This patient admits to extensive sun exposure over decades resulting in brown spots. She has never used sunblock consistently. Prior to any intervention, embracing sun avoidance and protection is crucial. SPF 50 should be applied every morning and then zinc powder sunblock should be applied every one- to two hours if you are in your car, near a window or outside. Her car windows were also coated with UVA/UVB coating – just like her sunglasses. A combination of IPL (intense pulsed light) and fractionated CO2 laser resulted in significant improvement. She loves it but also understands careful sun avoidance is key to maintaining this look is crucial!

IPL Fractionated Laser Lodi

Facial Rejuvenation and Reconstruction Case Study 7

Clinical History

Energetic nurse presents with concerns about her lower eyelids: “ they make me look tired”. Lower eyelid eye bags and wrinkles are never covered by insurance. A combination approach was essential to optimize the outcome. First cosmetic botox was injected to relax the muscles, then a lower lid fat reduction and repositioning was performed in the operating room under IV sedation. Finally, the fractionated CO2 laser was utilized to minimize fine lines. “ Thank you – thank you – thank you!”

Lower Eyelid and Laser Rejuvenation Lodi

Facial Rejuvenation and Reconstruction Case Study 8

Clinical History

Bell’s Palsy is a common diagnosis, but facial weakness can be due to a tumor. This gentleman had a tumor that caused the nerve supplying the facial muscles on the right to stop working causing facial drooping. His lower lid was drooping and causing constant tearing and irritation. Medical insurance paid to reconstruct his right lower eyelid. He is super happy and thinking about getting the upper eyelid removed so he can be a safer driver.

Bells Palsty Reconstruction of right Lower Eyelid Lodi

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